Tell Us Your Story Thalia Coleman

Miss Thalia sat with Wanda, Activities Director, to chit chat about different things about herself. 

Thalia said she was a quiet kid, and the thing she misses most about being a kid is MUDD PIES! What kid didn’t make MUDD PIES??  She wanted to be a nurse when she was younger, but enjoyed her work as cleaning houses for a living.  Thalia went to school in Edwardsville, reading was her favorite subject and math was the least.  At the end of the school day, she hung out with friends.  She claims she was the “teacher’s pet”. 

“If I had $10 million dollars I would give it to my friends!”   Some of Thalia’s favorites are:  Blues music, coffee, Yahtzee, Diet Coke, hamburgers, sausage pizza, vanilla ice cream and Summer.

Her super power would able to fly!  If stranded on a deserted island and was only allowed 1 item, that 1 item would be food!  Thalia believes in love at first site and soul mates and would rather be poor and in love than rich and never find true love!!