Tell Us Your Story Gerry Geiger

You can often find Gerry hanging out in the front lobby, on the front porch, or in the Activities Department at University Nursing and Rehab! 

Gerry’s first car was a red and white 55 Chevy.  First child hood memory was the Doctor. He misses being able to do anything you want as when you were a kid.  Gerry lived in Troy and went to Triad.  Shop class was his favorite.  His least favorite subject was math.   He made a living as a roofer, but he did have a job cleaning, which he hated. 

Some of Gerry’s favorites are: Actor Jack Nicholson, NCIS, Bruce Springsteen, Monopoly, Cats (His pet cat lives here at UNR!), ice tea, beef, (hates liver), pepperoni pizza, Fall season, and butter pecan ice cream!

Gerry’s super power would be strength.  He believes in luck, soul mates and love at first sight.