Tell Us Your Story Fred Crutchley

Almost a Christmas Baby, Fred was born December 24, 1930.  Fred was born among 8 children to a laborer and housewife.  He was raised in the Girard and Roxanna areas.  To help his family out, Fred started working in a rock quarry at the young age of 16 and stayed at the quarry until joining the Army at 20 years old. 

During his service in the Army, Fred was a tank driver guarding the Russian border.  What most folks don’t know is that when the United States forces guarded the Russian border, they were not allowed to carry ammunition for fear they would start a war.  Fred left the Army in 1954, and went to work for   A.O.  Smith Corporation building frames for Chevrolet.  Fred spent time in California and Florida, first as a welder on heavy equipment and then as a floating manager with Pizza Hut Restaurants, and lastly Pepsi Co. until his retirement in 1986.

 Fred had one son who was born in California and moved to Florida with him. Usually, you can see Fred with his iPad cruising the halls at University Nursing.  If you ask Fred about his thoughts on technology, he will tell you he loves instant access to information, but he isn’t too thrilled with social media.  He believes people give up to much privacy with things like Facebook.  He absolutely is fascinated with space travel.  Although, he wouldn’t want to travel to space, he can’t learn enough about it. 

Fred is a huge fan of University Nursing and Rehab. (And employees at UNR are huge fans of Fred)  He thanks God every day for the facility, the staff and the care he receives.  He said, “I am treated as if I am a King here!”