Rehab Closer to Home

Ms. Helen Dever arrived at University Nursing and Rehab in June 2017 for therapy. She stated that when she first got to University she was very apprehensive about nursing homes, but it turned out to be a really good experience. She stated that the staff was very friendly and she made real friends here. Despite the hard efforts by Ms. Dever and the TruRehab Team Ms. Devers was unable to go back home to live independently. Ms. Dever is however leaving University Nursing & Rehab today. She is relocating to be closer to her daughter. Her daughter stated that her mother loves it at University Nursing & Rehab and she hated to move her. She stated that she wish she could move University Nursing & Rehab to her backyard to allow her mother to stay but knows that it is impossible. She also stated that when she first brought her mom to University Nursing & Rehab she stayed with her for the first 3 weeks because of her own fears. She stated that staff was understanding and reassuring. When she finally did leave her mom for the first time she felt at ease by staff as well as by her mom. Because of the friends she has made Ms. Dever stated that it’s hard to leave but she hopes that where she is going it is just as nice and as friendly as University Nursing & Rehab. University Nursing & Rehab would like to say good luck to Ms. Dever.